Monday, October 13, 2014

Crested Caracara along Church Road

Saturday, October 11th

A dozen Crested Caracara remains roosting in a single tree.  Earlier there were fifteen of them
 At day break, on Saturday, I traveled Church Road, in Hendry County in search of whistling ducks, turkeys and early flycatchers. Dipped on the targets, but did find FOS Eastern Phoebe, Eastern Towhees, Tree Swallows and lots of Crested Caracaras. Spotted a bare tree decorated with fifteen caracaras at roost, waiting for the air to warm up. Seems that there is a nice concentration of these birds roosting in the orange groves along Church.

Did you see that?

I'm not sure. What did you see?

Another Red-Necked Phalarope

Thursday October 2nd

We recently had an unexpected visitor to Ft Myers Beach at the south end of the island called Carlos Pointe. The other day Marie Di Rosa located a rare-to-our-corner-of-the-world Red-necked Phalarope keeping busy in a tidal pool.  The bird stayed for a few days and we were thrilled to get a chance to observe this bird so close to home. We have only had a couple of other sightings in Lee County in recent memory.

It was only last month that another Red-necked Phalarope spent a few days in another tidal pool in Siesta Key Beach near Sarasota.  Could this be the same bird? Maybe, but I don't think so.

Bob Pelkey Getting Down-and-dirty to get that eye-level shot of our bird

This pool is a very popular avian stop for many kinds of birds including this Great Blue Heron.