Friday, March 30, 2018

Some Birds in March

Friday March 30th

Thought I'd share some of my better birding pics for March


Yellow-throated Vireo seen at Six-Mile Cypress Slough

Ovenbird seen at Six-Mile Cypress Slough

Piping Plover sporting fresh breeding plumage.
Should be heading north in the next few weeks

March and early April tends to be the best time for sighting
Cedar Waxwings in this area

Limpkins have moved into the Six-Mile Cypress Slough,
were they are now actively breeding

Prairie Warblers are resident birds here,
their population will increase during migration

Tufted Titmice also are common residents at Six-Mile Cypress Slough

Common Yellowthroats -  a winter residents at Six-Mile Cypress Slough

A few Scissor-tailed Flycatchers will winter in Florida,
but will be heading back toward Texas soon

A pair of Barred Owls are currently nesting close by the boardwalk at Six-Mile Cypress Slough Preserve.  That section of the boardwalk is now closed to protect the birds from any stress.

Several pairs of Sandhill Cranes are currently nesting at Harns Marsh

Snail Kites were formerly an easy find at Harns Marsh, but recently the population has declined. Speculation is that changes to water levels at the marsh have made finding apple snails more difficult for them.  Probable have been relocating to areas with better habitat

Black-and-White Warblers are often seen throughout the area at this time of year

Blue-headed Vireos winter here,
but will soon be heading north to nest

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Yellow-breasted Chat

Thursday March 15th
The Ides of March

Yesterday Julie Long of Sanibel made a great find in a Yellow-breasted Chat feeding in a ficus tree at
Lakes Park located  near Ft Myers. The chat is a very rare find in our area, so very quickly, dozens of local birders have visited the spot. Many birders have gotten some pretty nice pics.

Catbirds were everywhere.

I got my notification about 10:30 yesterday morning and was on site within the hour.  I've been there twice so far, hoping for an acceptable photograph. On my second visit I was able to get a couple of pics.  Not perfect, but!!  The bird is only my second sighting, after getting my lifer last year at Sugden Park in Naples.
This Downy Woodpecker was busy in the ficus as well

Monday, March 12, 2018

Six-mile Cypress Slough Preserve

Sunday March 11th
Spring has arrived with the blooming Blue Flag Iris

Six-mile Cypress Slough Preserve is a very busy place these days.  Lots of snowbirds, winter residents and spring trading baseball fans are enjoying their visits here. Besides the bird life, the gators, otters and snakes are very popular.

Barred Owl
Part of the boardwalk has been closed to protect a pair of Barred Owls who have selected a nest tree within a few feet of the boardwalk. An Eastern Screech Owl has recently be seen using the nest box set up in the parking lot.

Limpkin opening an Apple Snail

And the Limpkin family, with its near adult sized babe, is also another favorite for the folks. The momma Limpkin made quite a fuss the other day when an otter dared to swim through the Limpkins` comfort zone. The adults are probably very defensive after losing there other chicks to predation by night-herons.

Seeing lots of Tree Herons, Black-crowned Night-herons, Anhingaa, Cormorants and Great Egrets are nesting at Gator Pond. Wood Ducks are being seen at Otter Pond. Short-tailed Hawks have been spotted soaring over head.

Tufted Titmouse

Palm Warbler
Palm and Yellow-rumped Warblers are continuing, but will be heading north soon. Prairie, Black-and-White, Common Yellowthroat, Yellowthroated and Black-throated Green Warblers are commonly seen. A Northern Waterthrush has been observed  and is typically one of the earliest arriving species in Spring migration. And this pending migration will bring in more species in just a few weeks.

Palm Warbler

Prairie Warbler