Friday, June 19, 2009

Six Mile Cypress Slough

Had an hour or so to burn while waiting on my daughter's class to end, so headed over to the nearby Six Mile Cypress Slough to bird the boardwalk. Did not expect any thing special as June is a quite time here for birding. The boardwalk yielded several Carolina Wrens, Cardinals and Blue Jays plus Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers and Tufted Titmouse. The best sighting was a Yellow-Crowned Nightheron. Lacking were woodpeckers, waders, any kind of warbler, cormorants and anhingas.
Earlier in the day I did have a visit at work from our residental Barred Owl and the Common Nighthawks were calling as well. And as I was leaving work at dawn, could hear cardinals and Pine Warblers singing in the trees. White-tailed deer (4) were also feeding along side the road. Before getting home, checked out the Burrowing Owls on Domestic St. Found two of the owls on the fence, plus could hear an Eastern Meadowlark welcoming the new day. More common nighthawks peeping overhead.

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