Friday, June 18, 2010

Tropical Audubon Society links

I will often, usually daily check the Tropical Audubon Society message board for current news on birds and birding in South Florida. Please check the  following links I have found to be very interesting and thought you might as well.

Currently following the Daily Reports on John Boyd's Great Lakes to Prairie Potholes 2010 birding expedition. It originated from Michigan with hits on Kirtland Warblers and will end out on the Dakota plains. Had seen the the ads for the trip and seriously considered going, but it was not in the budget. Maybe next year.

Also another good posting is Jun 16th Pelagic - with Bill and Toe which has great photos from their recent pelagic trip. I especially like to owls. Photos by Roberto Torres, Trey Mitchell and Bill Boeringer.

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