Thursday, July 22, 2010


Tried checking out the Rest Stop at I-75 and Daniels Road again this morning looking for migrants shore birds. Found several Glossy Ibis, a few Killdeer and Mottled Ducks.  A trio of Black-Necked Stilts flew in and a pair of Lesser Yellowlegs were seen in the company of a, first-of-season, Greater Yellowlegs.
Had bit of luck photographing the killdeers -

Returned to Domestic Street were  things are a bit slow. Only found a single Burrowing Owl setting atop a low bush, had dozens of Mourning Doves, a couple of Loggerhead Shrikes and Northern Mockingbirds and heard an Eastern Meadowlark. Only a Great Egret on the ponds. The best hit was being able to get a fair photo of a calling Northern Bobwhite sitting atop a fence post.

Northern Bobwhite
With Tropical Storm Bonnie passing close by tomorrow a visit to Bunche Beach could be in order to see if any pelagic birds are pushed into shore. The Lee County Bird Patrol is hosting a bird walk at Bunche Beach this Sunday at 6pm as well.  I am planning on attending.  May try Babcock-Webb WMA on Monday or Tuesday in the early morning. Too hot to bird there later in the day.

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