Monday, August 23, 2010

A Pink Ibis

August 23rd

Got a heads-up on a pink ibis in the Bonita Springs area. Headed directly over to the sight.  But the birds had moved and were found a few blocks over.  The individually is more pinkish, but obviously a scarlet-white ibis hybrid.  It seemed to be puffed up to dry off following a mornings rain.

Pink Ibis are seen locally but not often and can vary in their coloration.  A bright red bird has been seen as well as these much paler hybrids. The white ibis is a very numerous local bird.  They are actually yard birds here.  But the scarlet ibis is a non-native species from Venezuela and the Trinidad and Tobago Islands.  So like so many exotics here in Florida, the parent(s) were probably escapees.

Also during the drive over and back found a pair of Gray Kingbirds and a Coopers Hawk.

Found the flock

Flock located in a Bonita Spring, Florida neighborhood

A Pink Ibis - Scarlet x White Ibis hybrid

Appears to be drying its feathers after the rains

With the flock - Obvious difference in coloration


  1. Awesome birds! I've seen Glossy and White faced but never anything as exotic as these.

  2. August 27, 2011

    Sighted a beautiful pink ibis on my early morning walk in Sarasota this morning. Whitfield Avenue north of University Park. Have poor cell phone picture.

  3. saw two brilliant pink ibis in Port Orange Nov 26, 2011. No black, all pink, and they were mating! Site: Cypress Head Golf Course, Port Orange, Fl.

  4. cool! wish i could see one of those! only ibis' i see around here are white faced

  5. Pink ibis in my backyard in Englewood, Florida this morning. I didn't get a picture of it. It took a smelt, so maybe it'll be back tomorrow.

  6. Saw a pink ibis today in Lakeland.

  7. Been recently seeing many pink Ibis birds, with the white Ibis, in our pasture in Hillsborough County.....they are really pretty

  8. How can I attach a photo of one??

  9. Almost every morning 2 pink ibis fly over our house just south of the Anna Maria pier. Usually just after sunrise.

  10. We saw two beautiful pink ibis in Cape Coral this evening (corner of Pine Island Road and Burnt Store Road).

    1. I recently spotted a pale pink ibis in the shallows off North Shore Park. I took some pictures but they are not very good. Poor light.