Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yellow Rat Snake - A Visit to Six-mile Cypress Slough Preserve

A three-foot Yellow Rat Snake on the hunt

Today, March 29th,  birded the boardwalk at Six-mile Cypress Slough Preserve in search of any early migrants. But found that it was not very birdy. Best sighting for today a surprise in a Hermit Thrush.  A pair of otters were very busy hunting.  When I heard their splashing I first ignored it assuming they were more wild pigs rooting up the swamp. They stayed close to the boardwalk but would not hold still long enough to get a decent photo.  Herps were more interesting today. Had a couple of snakes including this yellow-rat snake and an unidentified watersnake, several basking water turtles and several baby gators being guarded my there mom. Anole lizards were everywhere.

This Yellow Rat Snake was found in our office space at work a few days later.  No idea how it got inside the second story

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  1. In a note of irony I caught a smaller yellow rat snake inside my workplace the other day. No idea how it got in there.