Monday, May 9, 2011

Anhingas at Six-mile Cypress Slough Preserve

Small alligator on the hunt

Friday, May 6th

Ventured over to Six-mile Cypress Slough Preserve Friday afternoon to see if migrating warblers were confused and actually stopped in for a visit. Only heard a couple of Northern Parula, but the best birds for the day were the nesting Anhingas.  Across the lake in the heron roosting area were at least six active anhinga nests with noisy offspring.  At least one Great Egret nest was seen as well.The reptiles were a bit more interesting with a small gator on the hunt for dinner right alongside of the boardwalk and a large water moccasin spotted as well.

water moccasin

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  1. I drove from Sarasota on 2-16-12 and visited Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve In Ft. Myers Florida. What a beautiful and fantastic place. Lots of nice photos and info on your blog. I enjoyed seeing. All the best.