Monday, October 31, 2011

Flamingos - Everglades Wonder Gardens

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The Everglades Wonder Garden has been a landmark in Bonita Springs since the 1930's, operated by the Piper Family.  The Wonder Gardens basically features Florida Fauna displayed in a green jungle of tropical growth like banyan trees and bamboo.  The attraction has survived when most similar enterprises have long disappeared.

My daughter Katie and I headed over here to spend time on her birthday and to visit before it does close.  Seems the family was ready to sell and the land was quit valuable, but just recently I learned that the property had been pulled off the market. So the Wonder Gardens are not gone yet

Alligator pool

American Crocodile


Florida Panther


White-tailed Deer

Natural History exhibits

On another note, I can recall visiting another animal attraction in New Port Richy in the 1960's as a kid with my family. The place was actually the sight of an animal import business which opened up its property for the tourists to tour.  As I recall the place had large cages crammed with monkeys from South America. I remember that they also a South American Anteater on a tether and an Amazon Dolphin in a small concrete pool.  To a small kid it was kinda cool, but today these places could not operate like this today.

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