Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Burrowing Owls

Pair of Burrowing Owls

Watchful Burrowing Owl at Festival Park in Cape Coral

This past weekend the City of Cape Coral conducted there popular  Burrowing Owl Festival. The Burrowing Owl is city's official bird and the citizens are dedicated to supporting these birds of prey. It is estimated that a thousand pairs of owls nest in Cape Coral and their burrows are closely monitored. Good locations to see the owls are at the ball fields at Pelican Boulevard, which also host a colony of Monk Parakeets and at the Cape Coral Public Library. They can be found throughout the city as well as other locations in within Lee County. I had following a moving colony near Alico Road in San Carlos Park over several years till this season. Seems they have relocated their digs.

To learn more about the Burrowing Owls please visit - http://www.ccfriendsofwildlife.org/

Pair of Owls at Cape Coral Library

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