Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eurasian Wigeon

Thursday March 21st

Eurasian Wigeon found in Cape Coral
Photo by Dr Jose Padilla-Lopez

Photo by Bob Pelkey
Last month I had dipped on getting the Eurasian Wigeon wintering at Merrit Island and did not expect another shot till next Fall. Until I found were Vince McGrath had posted about a sighting of the species in Cape Coral. We only see a very few of the species in Florida and having one appear in our backyard was a very unusual occurrence. Can only speculate were he came from and what is he doing here. Seems Ruth Parks came across the bird yesterday and who knows how long it'll hand around.  So following Vince's directions I easily located the bird. It was sharing a small pond with some mallard hybrids and Mottled Ducks.

Photo by Bob Pelkey

My friends Dr Jose Padilla-Lopez and Bob Pelkey were able to photograph the wigeon a short time after my visit. Hope it sticks around a few days.


  1. Great bird Tom. I just lifered this bird near Point Pelee yesterday. There were two amongst thousands of other ducks. You got a much better look at your though. Just got back from a little Fort Myers vacation. Found Burrowing Owls on Del Prado in Cape Coral. Keep up the great blogging! -Dwayne

  2. Again, thanks to Vince McGrath for bringing this bird to our attention. A pre-adolescent passing by on his bicycle at the park enlightened me about the wigeon. I'll note his comments soon.