Monday, February 3, 2014

Brahminy Blind Snake

The other day my daughter called me as I was heading home from work to inform me that a strangle looking black worm was on the kitchen floor. Had no idea why this would be, but when I saw the creature I was pretty sure that it was a tiny reptile called a Brahminy Blind Snake.            

Brahminy Blind Snake
The Brahminy Blind Snake is non-native and has spread widely across the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the planet.   It was introduced here from its home in Asia.  It is harmless and non-threatening to our environment. It has become common in South Florida and established in sod nurseries. It does not require a mate to reproduce, lives mostly underground and basically dines on termites and ant larvae                            

                                                                                                                     After checking the little guy out we elected to return it to the yard. 

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  1. That was very interesting Tom, and it makes a change to hear that an introduced species could do some good for a change.
    All the best Gordon.