Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More Observations from the Sanibel Lighthouse

Saturday April 19th

Migration observations at the Sanibel Lighthouse have continued to be very fruitful. Dr Padilla called me about 3 in the afternoon to advice me as to a black-billed cuckoo being seen at the lighthouse. This bird is very uncommon in our parts and a chance to see one was compelling.

Within an hour I have meet Dr Padilla at the lighthouse and we begin looking.  The numbers of migrating birds present have dwindled a bit but we were able to find a few. I got my FOS Blackpoll Warbler busy feeding in a fig tree.  The tree was popular as we found several Palm Warblers, a beautiful Cape May, a stunning Prothonotary, as will as Northern Parula, Prairie Warbler and Indigo Buntings.

 But what about the cuckoo?

It had been observed by several birders in the morning and our friend Ruth Parks told us that she had just seen it near the restrooms. We staked out the area, but we could not relocate the bird on this afternoon. I could not return the next day, which happened to be Easter Sunday, but many birders did chase after the bird and it seems that everyone, besides myself got good looks. Please the this link to the Stokes blog page with photographs of the Black-billed Cuckoo.  It is ironic that a couple of years age we also a a fuss about a black-billed cuckoo that stayed several days at the lighthouse. I also dipped on the bird on that occasion, Next time!!

Another great blog, with pics of many of the great migrants that stopped here is by Hunting Digital Plumes in the US and Beyond with his posting

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