Monday, March 2, 2015

Some Recent Sightings

Monday, March 2nd

Just wanted to share a few pics from some recent birding outings at various local venues.

Belted Kingfisher
Greater Yellowlegs

Fox Squirrel at Festival Park in Cape Coral

Florida Scrub Jay occupied the same tree as the Fox Squirrel

Burrowing Owl at Festival Park scanning the skies for predators

Mottled Duck with the drake Eurasian Wigeon in Cape Coral
 Provenance of the continuing wigeon has largely been presumed to be an escapee

Great Egret, sporting some breeding plumage, at Babcock-Webb WMA

Wood Stork at Babcock-Webb

Limpkin at Harns Marsh

Cattle Egret at Harns Marsh

Indigo Buntings at feeder in Alva are molting into breeding plumage.

American Bittern trying to hide at Metro Wetlands

Purple Martins are arriving at the martin houses at the Franklin Locks

Rock Pigeons at the Franklin Locks

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