Friday, January 15, 2016

Birding in Cape Coral

Friday January 15th
Mangled lighting

Today we experienced severe weather including continuing tornado warnings. Just last Saturday residents of Cape Coral experienced a touch down of an EF-2 Tornado. More than two hundred homes were damaged and the baseball fields on Pelican Boulevard were damaged as well.
Some of the damage at the Baseball Fields
Monk Parakeet at Pelican Boulevard Ball Fields 

The ballfield was also home to a colony of nesting Monk Parakeets and several Burrowing Owls. On Monday I ventured into the area to conduct a birding survey of the Cape. 

The stop at a ballfield revealed damage to trees, fencing and the lighting structures. As for the birds I only spotted a single parakeet and no owls. 

Next headed to the Festival Park area (still undeveloped) at the interestion of Kismet and Chiquita. Finally spotted a Burrowing Owl, Eastern Meadowlarks, Loggerhead Shrikes, Kestrel, and several Florida Scrub Jays.
The Monk Parakeet making adjustments to a surviving nest

More Birds of Cape Coral

Burrowing Owl at Festival Park

Eastern Meadowlark

Florida Scrub Jay

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