Monday, March 28, 2016

Bunche Beach

Monday, March 28th

Bunche Beach Preserve is a stretch shoreline, mangroves and salt flats managed by the Lee County Parks Department.  It is also an important stop-over spot for migratory shorebirds including plovers, sandpipers, dowitchers, red knots and others.

A Dunlin and a Snowy Plover at Bunche Beach

 Recently a long-billed curlew has reappeared, and a few whimbrels were spotted last Saturday and there was the American Flamingo that showed-up a few weeks back. 

Today I missed these birds but did enjoy watching several others including a pair of Red Knots, a trio of Snowy Plovers and a dozen or so Marbled Godwits. 
Marbled Godwit

Marbled Godwit

Sadly the remains of a small loggerhead turtle was also seen at the beach today. Florida Fish and Wildlife should be collecting the remains.

From the web site of Turtle Time, Inc -

To report dead or injured sea turtles, or, if you have accidentally hooked a sea turtle that is small enough to rescue, contact: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at 1-888-404-FWCC, or call Turtle Time, Inc. 239-481-5566 immediately.

Snowy Plover

Snowy Plover


Red Knots


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