Saturday, May 28, 2016


Thursday, May 26th

Common Nighthawks

I arrived this morning at 6:45 am at Babcock-Webb Wildlife Management Area in Charlotte County to be on-hand to observe Red-cockadated Woodpecker as they exit there nest holes at sunrise.  Over the years I've been successful with this strategy, making my stop at the RCW colony location on Oil Well Grade. Lately though its seems that this colony is down to a single bird. It emerged at 7 am.

Great Crested Flycatcher
The three special bird species sought here included the RCW, Bachman's Sparrow and Brown-headed Nuthatch.

The Bachman's Sparrow is a relatively secretive bird hanging low in the palmettos. But the best time to find them here is March through May when the males will be singing on territory. The remainder of the year it can be just plain luck to sight one, outside of flushing a bird while trodding through the palmetto scrub. Today I heard two males in song, but back into the pines.
Eastern Towhee
White-tailed Buck
So I had quickly ticked off two the three specialties. But I dipped on the nuthatch. Eastern Towhees, Eastern Meadowlarks, Pine Warblers, Common Ground Doves and Mockingbirds were everywhere though. Also did see a small flock of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks fly low over the property and thick concentrations of wading birds working the shrinking pools of water. As for quail, I heard a lone Northern  Bobwhite

Common Ground-Dove

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