Monday, January 16, 2017

Looking for Buffleheads

Monday January 16th

Yesterday, got an invitation from Dave McQuaid to join him and Tammy to look for  a pair of Buffleheads reported at Matlacha Pass. So Today, at about mid-morning we set out from the marina to explore the waters of Lee County in search of any sea ducks and other birds.
Herring Gulls
Spent about five hours on the water and it was evident that this there are far fewer sea ducks winter in Lee County. Only spotted  some  Lesser Scaups and about 29 Redheads. In previous seasons, we had rafts of these birds counting into the hundreds.  Don't know what is happening, perhaps their food sources have been diminished due to our recent water quality issues.
Common Loon
We counted sixteen Common Loons on the day and about the same number of Horned Grebes and Red-breasted Mergansers. Other expected species seen included American Oystercatchers, American White Pelicans, Brown Pelicans, Cormorants, Herring Gulls, Laughing Gulls, Ring-billed Gulls, Caspian Terns, Royal Terns, White Ibis and lastly a juvenile Northern Gannet. Total misses included the Buffleheads, Scoters and Frigatebirds.

Caspian Tern with Ring-billed Gulls and Royal Terns

It was fun.  Thanks Dave and Tammy.

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