Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scarlet Kingsnake

April 25th

With the weather finally warming up, the reptiles and amphibians are becoming active. The gators are moving around as they are entering breeding season and looking for food as well as mates. They often do not eat at all during the cold months. Snakes, lizards, toads and frogs are now showing up. Found this scarlet kingsnakes on the road to work last night. A beautiful animal.

On a more negative note my daughter Melissa's future in-laws lost a one of their dogs  a week ago to a cottonmouth bite.  It was struck twice on the face and the vet could not save her.  These snakes are very aggressive and dangerous.

We have also seen several Black Racers lately, some with spring-fever.  Like this pair we located at Ding Darling on Sanibel Island a couple of weeks.  The photo is by my daughter Katie

This Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake was sunning itself at the entrance to Blair House at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary back in December. Note how well it camouflages into the landscape. Even in the enlargement it is difficult to see it well.

Another snake photographed at Corkscrew Swamp was this Florida Ribbon Snake.

My nephew John, a post-grad student in Biology at Texas Tech took these next two photos of rattlesnakes while on a research trip to New Mexico last year. Photos borrowed from his facebook page.

A Western Diamondback

A Prairie Rattlesnake.

At a recent visit to Six-Mile Cypress Slough, Katie took these photos of anole lizards.
A Green Anole. A native lizard that is disappearing and being replaced by the invading Brown Cuban Anole.

Brown Cuban Anole.

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