Friday, April 23, 2010

Wood Ducks

A Visit to Little Grassy Lake
Friday April 23rd

  The family headed over to my folks place on Little Grassy Lake in Highlands County, just south of Sebring. This was a last chance to visit before them before they head back to Illinois for the summer months. Our visits to their place often was rewarded with some great birds.  Like Sandhill Cranes, Great Egreats and White Ibis.  Their neighbor keeps a purple martin house which unfortunately is also home to nesting house sparrows, but Purple Martins are nesting. Also nesting is a pair of wood ducks with 20+ eggs in a wood duck box attached to their boat house. White-winged Doves, House Sparrows, Blue Jays and grackles were present all afternoon.
  I will get to see them again very soon as a family wedding is scheduled in the Chicago area in about three weeks, which is a great excuse for a few vacation days next month. Some birding is scheduled up there with  grassland birds like upland sandpiper, boblinks, dickcissels and henslow's sparrows of interest. Other species of interest include various warblers, swans, yellowheaded blackbirds and black terns.

Noisy House Sparrow

The Purple Martin abode

White-Wing Dove

A family of Sandhill Cranes is usually active in the neighborhood
Wood Duck box
Twenty plus wood duck eggs
"Sir Dudley"

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