Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bobolinks at Harns Marsh

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Fall Migration is heating up here with the arrival of the neo-tropic warblers. Reports from the Miami and St Pete areas included lots of interesting birds such as Blackburian, Kentucky and Canada Warblers.

Haven't heard anything from Sanibel Lighthouse yet, but Six-Mile Cypress Slough Preserve has yielded Blue-winged, Blackburnian, Tennessee, Chestnut-sided, Worm-eating and Hooded Warblers.
So migration, which can be hit-or-miss in our corner of Florida, is becoming interesting.
Apple Snail shell
At Harns Marsh in Lehigh Acres, were I stopped by for a quick visit before heading into work, I found the water is still too high for waders and shorebirds. I've dipped on snail kites for several weeks know as they appear to have left the marsh, first due too very low water levels and now because of very high levels, in their search for their favored meal of apple snails. Still no kites seen but a few Limpkins are still present. Best bird of the day were a flock of migrating Bobolinks resting in the weedy berm. First heard their distinctive 'pink pink' call and checked them closely as they all were in their drab basic plumage.

Snail Kite
When the water level does recede we should see a lot more of the waders including American and least bitterns and shorebirds.  Then the ducks will show later.  we often have Mottled, Blue-winged Teal, Ring-necked, Lesser Scaups and Hooded Mergansers. At times Ruddy, Shoveler or American Wigeon. See the Lee County Bird Patrols bird list

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