Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lee County Bird Patrol

Thursday September 6th,

I do believe that about all of my local birding associates are active in the Lee County Bird Patrol.  They volunteer to conduct bird surveys at least monthly on Lee County preserved properties. 
Black-crowned Night-heron located by Dr Padilla-Lopez
 at 6-Mile Cypress Slough Preserve.

It was logical to join them as I am doing the work anyway. For now I will be added as one of the monitors at Harns Marsh, were it has been fairly quite these days. But as the rainy season soon subsides the bird population should grow. One interesting development is that an adjoining county preserve - West Marsh - has been found to have a breeding population of Bachman's Sparrows. A new county bird for me.  Bird Patrol members Dr Padilla-Lopez and Gayle Sheets had successfully confirmed their presence on their preliminary survey of the property.
The Bird Patrol monitors the bird life at most all of Lee County's parks and preserves such as Bunche Beach, Lakes Park, 6-Mile Cypress Slough and many other properties.
My being processed into the Bird Patrol was not hindered by our coordinator, Gayle Sheets, being on an extended vacation out West.  When asked about any interesting sitings, she responded with Elegant Trogon, Spotted Owl  and Violet-crowned Hummingbird in Arizona. Plus Grizzly Bear and Rocky Mountain Goat in Glacier National Park.  Someday, probably after retirement I will head out that way too. But for now its watching the happenings here in Lee County.  A great place to bird.  If you are unfamiliar with birding here, please check out the Lee County Bird Patrol website. Its very informative..
Gayles encounter with a Rocky Mountain Goat while on vacation in Montana

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