Thursday, November 27, 2014

Catching-up on November

Wednesday, November 26th

Its been difficult recently keeping current with my postings
So today I've chosen to  just post some pics from recent outings.

These Purple Swamphens are common at Chapel Trail on Sheridan Road, Pembroke Pines

About the only exotic species seem on a recent trip to the south Miami Area were these Muscovy Ducks

One of a pair of Bald Eagles often seen at Harns Marsh

This Merlin was recently seen at Bunche Beach

Blue-winged Teal are growing in numbers at Harns Marsh

A pair of Ring-necked Ducks at Harns Marsh

An enlarged photo of a Purple Gallinule at Harns Marsh

An uncommon Franklin's Gull found recently on Bonita Beach

A herd of Sanderlings playing tag with the surf.

A very uncommon, to Florida, Long-billed Curlew, but frequent visitor to Bunche Beach
This individual has been seen here over the course of several years

A White-morphed Reddish Egret seen at Bunche Beach

This Piping Plover, tagged as P69, was found recently at Bunche Beach.
More information on this individual is pending.

A Coopers Hawk seen this past Tuesday at the fishing pier at Ft DeSoto Park in Tampa Bay

Myakka State Park, near Sarasota, can be a great place to look for wintering waterfowl,
 such as these Northern Pintails and Mottled Ducked

Several Black-necked Stilts were also observed at Myakka State Park

Wild Turkey observed road-side at Myakka State Park

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