Monday, November 17, 2014

Harns Marsh has Purple Gallinules

Sunday, November 9th

Occasionlly reports in Lee County, of a sighting of Purple Gallinules come in. But not very often They just haven't been commonly seen around here.

A Purple Galinule
Recently, Ron Bishop of Lehigh Acres, has found a family of Purples Gallinules residing in Harns Marsh, not far from the parking area.  Well it took me three tries, but finally found a single bird foraging in the Flag Weed. And recently King rails have been in the same location. Seems the best time for viewing is dawn or dusk.

Ron also has heard the Sora calling from somewhere on the other side of the lake. Hopefully these great birds will remain, unlike the dwindling population of Snail Kites.

Some of the other species encountered at Harns included, American Bittern, Redheads, Ring-necked ducks, Limpkins, A Snail Kite, Northern Harrier, Northern Rough-winged Swallows and a Bald Eagle. Others have reported Ruddy Duck as well.
Bald eagle surveying the marsh

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