Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Migration Continues

Tuesday, October 20th

Palm Warbler
A recent spurt of migration activity in our area, due to less favorable wind conditions for the birds, have many birders heading to their favorite spots. Six-Mile Cypress Slough Preserve  has had some improvement lately, but Rotary Park in Cape Coral has been drawing the locals.

I followed up at Rotary Park today and had a few good birds, even though many of the migrants seem to have departed last night. 

Lots of Palm Warblers are present,  are Magnolia, Black-and-White, Northern Parula, American Redstart and Black-throated Blue Warblers. The star of the day was a continuing Gray-cheeked Thrush. Eastern Phoebe, Eastern Wood-Pewee and a Great Crested Flycatcher are present as well.  Lots of Gray Catbirds have moved in as well.


Gray-cheeked Thrush

Eastern Wood-Pewee

Eastern Wood-Pewee


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