Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bobolinks - Harns Marsh

Harns Marsh
May 1st

Made a brief visit to Harns Marsh this late today, as I was in the neighborhood, dropping of my daughter at her friends. The water remains high.  This has greatly reduced the numbers of waders and the snail kites have just about totally disappeared. Did manage to find a sole female Snail Kite and a few Limpkins. Only a Tricolored Heron and a couple of Great Egrets were seen. Only ducks left were a few Mottled Ducks.  Boat-tailed Grackles and Red-Winged Blackbirds are nesting in the reeds. A pair of Sandhill Cranes were present and maybe nesting, and I did have a fly-over from a Bald eagle.
The best sighting was the flock of some 30 migrating Boblinks.  Had heard from another birder of boblinks on-hand at Harns Marsh, so I had half-expected that there maybe a few present.  Got some good looks, but they would not let me get close enough for any decent photos. Did manage a couple of cropped ones.

Bobolinks at Harns Marsh

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