Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Terns and Flycatchers

Terns and Flycatchers
  Much of the spring migration has already passed us here in southwest Florida. Hopefully a few interesting or even exciting birds will still continue to come our way.
  I have noticed that we have a pair of Great Crested Flycatchers hanging around our house this week.  They would be a new Yard Bird to add to that list.  This leads to an item from BirdBrains about a Caribbean bird called LaSagre's Flycatcher which is an occasional vagrant to Florida.  Usually in the Keys or in the Miami area. A tantalizing report has appeared from an out-of-state birder about a possible sighting at a local park. So far nobody has reported re-finding the bird at Lakes Park, near Ft Myers. Hopefully I can give it a stab soon.  This same location has been the site for finding our local Scarlet Ibis.  But it would really be nice to get the LaSagre close to home instead of the three hour trip to the other coast. A bird is still being reported at Bill Baggs Park at Key Biscayne in Miami. I tried for it a few months ago without success.

  Another interesting bit of news was a report from the TAS message board, were Carlos, Trey and Toe headed out into the Gulf Stream seeking pelagic birds. They reported slow birding, but had some great photos of an Arctic Tern. Those of us on the Gulf Coast will certainly have to travel to some day add this beautiful bird to our life list. Toe did a great job with these pictures.


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  1. Looked for the flycatcher this morning at Lakes Park. No flycatcher, but did find a pink hued Scarlet Ibis.