Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dunlins - Bunche Beach

Black-Bellied Plover

One legged Dunlins

Ruddy Turnstone
Bunche Beach
May 8, 2010
 Ventured over to Bunche Beach this morning to see what's going on.  Arrived early on a rising tide and found some good numbers but not a great variety. Had a huge flock of Black Skimmers resting on the shrinking flats as the tide was rising.  Mingled in with them were a hand full of Royal Terns and Laughing Gulls. A couple of Sandwich Terns could be seen as well. Spread out on the mud flats were Semipalmated Plovers, Black-Bellied Plovers, Dunlins, Sanderlings and a couple of Ruddy Turnstones.  Prairie Warblers could be heard singing in the brush. A young Bald Eagle and Red-Shouldered Hawk were present, along with soaring Ospreys. A sole Reddish Egret and three Great Blue Herons were working the shallows and a flotilla of Brown Pelicans were floating off-shore. A sole Barn Swallow was seen.
  Missing were any willets, dowitchers, piping plovers, wilson's plovers or godwits.
  Also missing was any evidence of oil reaching our shore.  So far we are safe, but for how long?

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