Wednesday, April 28, 2021


 Wednesday April 28th

Spring Migration activity is extremely slow for southwest Florida. We are experiencing some variety of migrating birds, but in very low numbers. The last few days in April and into early May we sometime have Bobolinks resting up at Harns Marsh in Lehigh Acres. Checked there today and observed a distance flock flock moving around the cattails.

The Sandhill Cranes at Harns Marsh are nesting and their young, called colts, are now accompanying there parents as they forage. 

Back at home Starlings have been nesting in the cavities in the old trees around the property. The hatchlings are now vocalizing and mom and dad are actively collecting grub for their young broods.

Baby Starling waiting for lunch

Starlings nesting in cavities in the Silk Oak Tree
and in the huge Chinese Laurel

The Florida Sandhill Cranes are the breeding population here
The wintering Greater Sandhill Cranes have already left for the Upper Great Plains

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